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Use our shuttle service to visit (Alto) Alentejo!

Memória provides all services you need to discover Alentejo. We focus on the satisfaction of our clients and turn each day of your trip into a special memory.

Rent a Motor Bike

Starting from 1 day
  • Stunning Landscapes
  • Feel Free
  • Small Beautiful Roads
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Starting from € 95,- per day

Alentejo Mobil Rolfi

Starting from 1 day
  • Faster than a donkey
  • More personality than your average rental
  • Drive at Alentejo speed
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Starting from € 45,- per day

Alentejo Mobil Pimpina

Starting from 1 day
  • Faster than a donkey
  • Drive at Alentejo speed
  • Enjoy beautiful landscapes
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Starting from € 45.- per day

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