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Cultural heritage conservation

Mobility is a major factor for the development of the EU+ yet there are still important issues to tackle such as cultural differences. Europe’s increasing integration and development leads to more and more interaction among people from diverse cultures, beliefs and backgrounds than ever before.

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A unique place to visit

ICT for blended learning paths

The integration and application of ICT within the learning process of our educational activities, as well as our field actions aim at fostering the digital competences of participants, and at generating a higher level of awareness on global issues.

Memória - Creating Magic Moments

ounded by Humberto Vital, Memória de Records Club was realized in April 2010. We are a nonprofit association (NPO)  that promotes quality and innovation in the field of Classic Cars, Tourism, Event industry in general, Cultural Heritage and local Craft Industry.

Memória - Making Life Fun

nder these activities we are looking for the best way to promote the beautiful region of Norte Alentejano and improve communication and information. Making it easier for tourists to actively participate in the area with already made “out of the ordinary” packages. Creating a shuttle service between the most important sights. Create local partnerships and make various events that make the difference.

Memória - Support and help

ot only events and tourism is the goal of Memória. When you are a member of Memória, there will be extra advantages. For example: We offer discounts on insurances, phone and internet subscriptions if you live in Portugal and we will offer help if needed. Our members will also receive a discount on our on-line shop (see the possibilities) and many activities created by Memória.

If you want to be a part of our Team, or want  to become a member of Memória please join the association and use our advantages.

Humberto Vital
Humberto Vital

Before moving to Portugal I grew up in Germany and studied communication design in Brasil.  I have always had a great passion for cars and photography. Having been a professional photographer for 23 years, I fell in love with the Marvão district the first time I came. Not only because of the spectacular lights in the sky, but also the beautiful landscapes and wonderful roads to be discovered by car or (motor) bike, made me feel at home. I moved here in 2008 to start my ideas to make an association  to promote this region with e.g. classical car tours and other touristic activities to enjoy this part of Portugal.

I invite everybody to come and enjoy magical experiences. We can really make your Holiday special, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

José Domingues
Graphic Design & Support

I was born in Lisbon and started to work in the Graphic Industry when I was 14 years old. At that time all procedures were still done manually and this turned out to be the best school for my future life. In 2009 I moved to the Portalegre district because I needed an escape from the big cities. Since then, I live in the Serra de São Mamede Nature Park, a wonderful quiet place full of ancient roman history and natural biodiversity. In 2012 I first came in contact with Memória de Records Club and was interested in their vision, objectives and activities, so I became part of their network. I use my Graphic Arts knowledge to make a contribution to bring this potential touristic region better known.

If you have questions about our Support Service or Graphic-Design, do not hesitate to contact me.                  

Barbara Kroon
Sales, Marketing & Communication

For over 20 years I have worked in Tourism in The Netherlands. For the most part as Sales, Marketing & Communication manager for Eurolines (International Bus Services through Europe). I moved to one of the most beautiful and unspoiled parts of Europe (Norte Alentejo, Portugal) in 2011. Because I want to show this magical region to others, but also because I like to be part of a social community, I joined Memória de Records Club. Now I am using my knowledge to create local activities and share my love for the pure living still to be found around Marvão and the district of Portalegre.

At Memória we speak English, German, Dutch and Portuguese, If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us.