Today, the West of the Iberian Peninsula is one of the least populated regions in Europe. Precisely for this reason, it has remained so untouched, wild and original.

Definitely, the roads in this region offer some of the best driving experiences in Europe for bikes, motorbikes, classic cars or any wheels you prefer. Why?

The explanation is easy:

We call these roads “road movie roads” because they reflect in Europe the landscape of the Wild West impressive Classic road movies. Films like Thelma and Louise or Easy Rider could have easily been filmed in this part of the world.

The Region combines high rugged mountains, deep valleys and, especially in the spring, endless fields filled with stunning wild flowers, surrounded by cork oaks. The Alentejo region gives you all that sights like Tuscany, Umbria and the Provence offer. Furthermore you can also feel as if you are in the Serengeti or Masai Mara on a safari. In your mind you will not be surprised if suddenly an antelope or a zebra would cross your path in the next corner. Sometimes it seems as if you are in New Mexico or Nevada.

Even fantasy landscapes such as in “The Hobbit” or “Game of Thrones” can be experienced here without further ado.

Amid the barren wastes and granite boulders on top of the Serra de São Mamede, we guarantee that you will feel you have just landed on an alien planet.

Enjoy a picnic as in “Out of Africa” that almost transports you into a different world.


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