Tourism and Leisure

Holidays are meant for enjoyment, relaxation, discovering new territory and activities. Stay at unfamiliar places that give you new energy. It is time to relax, taste, feel and discover the local habits. Find the best way to enjoy what you like on your own pace. Choose special, different or comfortable accommodation. Visit beautiful landscapes and cities. Eat in rustic and local restaurants and taste the local wines. Go for activities you normally do not have time for. In Short: Quality Time.

Memória de Records Club organizes your leisure and travel plans!

You want to rent a Renault 4, mountain bike, motorbike, book a hotel room, rustic accommodation, airport pick-up or find out about the local sights and what to do? Then Memória de Records Club in Marvão is the right club to get in touch with.

The staff of Memória is friendly, helpful and competent. Therefore our guests, visitors and residents of the region receive all sorts of information about tourism, tourist attractions, route-planning, and interesting events that take place in the region Portalegre, Alto Alentejo, Serra de São Mamede Nature Park and the whole of Alentejo.

Holiday Suggestions

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Soft Mountain Bike

Rent a Bicycle

To bicycle is one of the most pleasant and ecological ways to experience the wonderful region

Fun Car Rent

Welcome to the site of Fun Car Rent The slightly different car rental Holidays are a time when
Shuttle Service Bulli

Shuttle Services

You have already booked your Holiday, but still have no idea how to get from the airport to